Kasia Kadlubowska

Kasia Kadlubowska @by Christopher Buehler



White Lions Music for Vibraphone, two hands and many Voices https://youtu.be/3v1GFKkg-kQ Mahlukat http://www.mahlukatmusic.com/ MAYUKO https://mayukoband.wordpress.com/


KASIA KATARZYNA KADŁUBOWSKA percussionist Balancing between minimal music, conceptualism, performance and improvisation. From one hand slipping away from conventional perception of music and percussion, on the other falling directly into cliches and stereotypes. Master of Art on the Academy for Music and Performing Art in Stuttgart, and an Academy of Music in Gdansk. She was also studying in Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse in Lyon. The winner of numerous international awards : I Prize on Vibraphone Competition in Opole (Poland), II Prize on International Marimba Competition in Nürnberg (Germany), II Prize on International Marimba Competition in Paris (France) II Prize on International Marimba Competition in Fermo (Italy), public award on Music Forum for Youth in Gdansk (Poland), and scholarships for her achivements, among the others: Gabriel Fahrenheit Outstanding Student Scholarship, President of the City of Gdansk Scholarship, Marshal of Pomerania Scholarship, Yehudi Menuhin Foundation Live Music Now, Minister of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship (Poland), Rotary Club Poland Scholarship, Soroptimist International Scholarship, Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg, Musikfond Most significant concerts in the last 5 years Jazz Open - Stuttgart, Germany; TonArt Festival - Esslingen, Germany; Novalis Art Festival - Zagreb, Croatia; Eclat Festival - Stuttgart, Germany; Rudolstadt Festival - Rudolsradt, Germany; Tamburi Mundi Festival - Freiburg, Germany; Shakespeare Theater - Gdansk, Poland; The Zone - Tel Aviv, Israel; Jazz Club - Mitzpe Ramon, Israel Beit Mizrach Maarav - Tel Aviv, Israel; Musrara - Jerusalem, Israel; Kunst Stiftung Baden Würtemmberg - Stuttgart, Germany; BIX Jazzclub - Stuttgart, Germany ZKM Karlsruhe - Karlsruhe, Germany; E - Werk - Freiburg Discography As a leader Duality - Transient 2015 Label DUX with works of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley and Arvo Pärt arrangend for marimba and vibraphone Mahlukat – Zula 2018 original compositions for Violin, Frame Drum and Voice. Inspired by classical indian music and israeli new school of frame drumming Kasia Kadłubowska 'White Lions' 2020 Solo Album for Vibraphone, Voice and percussion. Composed by Kasia Kadlubowska As sidewomen 2013 Tobias Becker Bigband 'Live Stream' 2014 Marie Louise 'My Name' 2015 Michael Klein 'Coconut Hero' 2017 Marie Louise 'Sleepless' 2018 Maja Miro 'Minimal Blood' 2018 Natia Dikhtyar 'Natia The Album' 2018 Endless 'FLUZD' Leader and initiator of music projects and own bands: Duality - Project that supports exchange and meeting of jazz and classical music in dialog with live visuals. Mahlukat - cinematic oriental music. Creating original compositions with Turkish Violinist and singer trained as well in western and Indian classical music. Women, Voice and Beat - percussion duo with Israeli singer and drummer. Ma¥uko – dreamy pop