Josie Paulus



Green (2018) - Album Green - Live and Reloaded (2019) - Live-EP


Josie Paulus first started out as a singer-songwriter and began writing her first songs at the age of 13, after teaching herself how to play the acoustic guitar over the course of one summer. Her first musical influences were country-pop artists a lá Taylor Swift (before her metamorphosis into pop music), the Dixie Chicks and Ed Sheeran. She began playing and performing her own songs on stages in Hamburg in spring 2017, after spending a turbulent and life-altering year on the American east coast. Hundreds of gigs and one album later, she’s crafted her very own style and skilfully combines influences from indie, rock, pop, grunge and country. Her powerful and raw voice is deeply touching, while her energetic performances are reminiscent of female pop and rock powerhouses of the last couple of decades. Josie’s biggest inspiration might be Janis Joplin, but modern rock and grunge bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes or The Arctic Monkeys have heavily influenced her newer style as well. Therefore it only makes sense that she has mostly abandoned her acoustic guitar and can now only be seen or heard together with her band, consisting of Till Siebenvier (Bass), Max Handwerk (Lead Guitar) and Torben Ulrich (Drums). Distortions, humming bass and lots of rock and roll replace soft acoustic tunes and Josie Paulus finally sounds like she is supposed to: loud, confident and uncompromising. Lyrically, her songs deal with life and love, but most and foremost she’s telling her very own story about freedom and self-actualization. Painfully honest and bold, she’s doesn’t shy away from statements like: “I don’t need no fucking boyfriend to write a love song about me“ on her single Running Free, challenges the perception of female figures in lines like „Your momma thinks that I’m a whore, I used to be, not anymore“ and heart- achingly but accurately describes the revelation that a lost love will eventually be forgotten: „We haven’t talked in so long, I barely remember your face“. Green, Josie Paulus’s first album, is available on all popular streaming services. The music video to her first single Running Free, a no budget production, was released last year in June. This September she released her first music video together with her band, a live recording session of the title track Green. The video leads up to the quartette’s live EP “Green - Live & Reloaded“, which comes out October 25 and contains three more songs off of the album with a new, exciting and rockier sound.